Sanctuary and Monastery of Lavello

On the shore of the Adda river a real gem of Romanesque.

Monastero del Lavello Calolziocorte

On the shore of the Adda river in Calolziocorte, in San Martino valley, there is the ancient convent of Servi of Maria with the sanctuary and monastery of S. Maria del Lavello, a monastic complex recently restored.
It is said in 1480, during some works, under an ancient burial place a source suddenly welled up, and it was considered a miraculous source. The place became destination of many pilgrims and in 1486 the Servi of Maria, coming from Bergamo, contributed to build the new church, consecrated some years later. The convent’s works began in 1510 when the first cloister was built. Pilgrims came in large numbers to visit the church which was too small to accommodate them all, so at the end of the sixteenth century was enlarged as per the one we see nowadays.

The recent restoration has given new splendor to the monastic complex, which represents an international destination of the “cloister route”.

Two traditional feasts meet great success:

25th March: in the Annunciation day there is the traditional spring feast called “Féra di Cavagnöi” or “Madonna of March” where it was used to sell tools for fields work, flasks and demijohns.

8th September: nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary, adored by many believers. In the middle of September there is the feast of the Holy Mary of Lavello.

Monastero del Lavello Via Padre Serviti, 1 – 23801 Calolziocorte

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