Lecco and its mountains around Lake Como

Lecco and its surrounding mountains: the beautiful Alpine range of Orobie. The mountains of Lecco are pure and white in winter and warm in autumn, always fresh for its generous and lush vegetation.

Lecco is surrounded by all its peaks in their inimitable beauty. San Martino mountain, who seems to fall steeply into the Lake Como, and then the Grigne and Resegone, with its unmistakable profile as a saw. The mountains of Lecco combine their orogeny nature of limestone, dolomite and clay rocks and due to this are called the Dolomites of Lecco.

The mountains of Lecco, thanks to their size and peculiarities, have a rich mountain vegetation and a typical alpine wildlife, such as ibex and chamois.
Many the opportunities to discover and experience the Prealps Orobie enjoying excursion and trekking along the several paths.

Would you like to feel the nature walking on Lake Como mountains' paths?

Enjoy a walk into woods above Como discovering wild nature and archaeological mysteries of Lake Como.

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Guida turistica di Lecco e provincia