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Don Abbondio’s Church: 45.861607, 9.403621
Church of Beato Serafino: 45.818201, 9.419178
Basilica of St. Nicolò: 45.856674, 9.389038
Bell tower of Basilica San Nicolò: 45.856965, 9.389106
Nostra Signora della Vittoria Sanctuary: 45.851086, 9.391693
Piona Abbey: 46.123522, 9.331791
San Michele Sanctuary: 45.836349, 9.389137
Church of S. Maria Hermitage of Barro mountain: 45.830922, 9.371204
Basilica of St. Pietro al Monte: 45.834806, 9.319341
Canonica di San Salvatore -: 45.735094, 9.314121
St. Gerolamo Emiliani Sanctuary: 45.815236, 9.425637
St. Gerolamo Emiliani Basilica: 45.811232, 9.429204
Sanctuary and Monastery of Lavello: 45.790973, 9.431071
Sanctuary Madonna of Ghisallo: 45.924270, 9.267708
Madonna del Bosco Shrine: 45.714090, 9.442607
Church of St. Martha: 45.855366, 9.390395
Monumental Cemetery of Lecco: 45.858381, 9.390832
Chiesa Ss. Gottardo e Colombano - : 45.720791, 9.444374
Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury: 46.089664, 9.311031
Beata Vergine del Carmelo Sanctuary: 45.705632, 9.377335
Church of Sts. Nazaro and Celso: 46.043270, 9.303481
Church of St. Giorgio in Mandello: 45.910843, 9.327084
Church of San Giovanni Battista: 46.009862, 9.282900
Church of St. Giorgio: 46.010065, 9.284052
Madonna della Rocchetta Sanctuary: 45.668360, 9.474528
Piona Abbey - Colico: 46.123403, 9.331598
Abbazia di Piona - Colico: 46.123403, 9.331598
Duomo di Como: 45.811512, 9.083419

Map of the churches in Lecco and nearby

The church of St. Giorgio in Mandello is placed on the wayfarer’s trail and it is a real gem of the Romanesque with frescoes dated back to the late fifteenth century.

Neoclassic style by Bovara for the basilica of Lecco, with its bell tower standing out against the town.

In Vercurago, in its upper district of Somasca, the sanctuary of San Girolamo Emilani, who shared his life with the poor and orphans.

Abbey of Piona, priory of Cistercian monks in Colico. Discover visiting, Mass and sale of monastic products’ times. Accessible by car with ample parking area, then walking path to the church. From the Abbey you can also enjoy a fantastic view of Lake Como.

The church of SS. Gottardo and Colombano in Arlate stands on a hill overlooking the Adda River and is few minutes far from the Shrine of Madonna del Bosco in Imbersago.

The bell tower of Basilica San Nicolò in Lecco overlooks the city and lake Como thanks to its 96 meters and represents a symbol of Lecco.

At the hermitage of Barro mountain the small Gothic church of S. Maria hosts great frescoes dated back to the eighteenth-century.

The shrine dedicated to Virgin Mary’s devotion was promoted to basilica by Pope John XXIII.

The medieval village of Corenno Plinio greets you with the twelfth century church hosting precious frescoes.

The monastic complex of St. Pietro al Monte in Civate is a great heritage of Romanesque art in all Italy.

On the top of Montevecchia’s hill the sanctuary of Beata Vergine del Carmelo offers an extraordinary panorama on the Brianza area.

Lombardy Baroque in one of the most beautiful church in Lecco.

The Sanctuary of Madonna of Ghisallo, in the municipality of Magreglio, is placed on the namesake pass and represents an inevitable journey for bike lovers.

On the shore of the Adda river in Calolziocorte the sanctuary and monastery of S. Maria del Lavello is an international destination of the “cloister route”.

This church in Bellano offers Gothic elegance and great frescoes dated back to the fifteenth and sixteenth century.

A gem of Romanesque in Varenna hosting frescoes dated back to the fourteenth-century: here you are the church of San Giovanni Battista.

The Church of St. Giorgio in Varenna is a rare example of three naves building dated back to the fourteenth century.