The Pre-Alps Orobie in Lecco and nearby

Extraordinary crown for Lake Como, the Pre-Alps Orobie offer wonderful landscapes and views on the surrounding land.
Let’s discover the Dolomites of Lecco.

In front of Resegone Piani d’Erna offers many activities for any taste and age. Just five minutes from Lecco by the cable car.

The mountain Resegone with its unforgettable profile as a saw is silhouetted against Lecco and all Brianza.

You cannot get bored at Pian dei Resinelli: relaxation, walking, excursions and climbing. A wide range of opportunities just half an hour from Lecco.

Legnone with its 2609 meters is the highest peak of Prealps Orobie in Lecco’s province and overlooks lake Como where the Adda river’s waters come in.

The Grigne in Lecco host many excursion and hiking paths into an extraordinary natural environment, together with iron steps for climbing lovers.

A overhanging rock into Lake Lecco, this is San Martino with its trekking paths, climbing routes and many breath-taking views.

Barro mountain in Lecco: biodiversity and many cues of environmental, historical and cultural interest.

Campelli-Aralalta mountain: a group of peaks of the Pre-Alps Orobie from Valsassina to Val Brembana.

Would you like to feel the nature walking on Lake Como mountains' paths?

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