Discover Lake Como

Lake Como is our lake and we are really so proud to live here. When at school you learn Lake Como is the deepest lake in Italy with its 410 meters, you immediately think to live in an important place and say – ” wow, but then this lake Como is not famous only for George Clooney !? ”
It ‘also known as Lario, from Latin Larius as the Romans called it (Lacus Larius). Nowadays it is little used, but we find it in the name of some coastal towns (Abbadia Lariana, Mandello del Lario, Gera Lario and others) and is used to locate that piece of land between the two arms of the lake that forms a triangle with vertices, respectively Bellagio, Como and Lecco: the so called Larian triangle (triangolo lariano).

Lake Como offers us a succession of views that remind us of Norwegian fjords, surrounded by the Alpine mountain range especially on the eastern side. While the western one instead hosts spectacular and worldwide famous villas.

Lake Como welcomed also important national and international personalities such as Ugo Foscolo, Stendhal, Byron, Giuseppe Verdi, Vincenzo Bellini, Rossini, even Napoleon and Winston Churchill. Of course you can not forget Alessandro Manzoni that made Lake Como the protagonist of the first Italian novel The Betrothed.

Lake Como in geometry

Shape: upside-down Y
Area: 145 km2
Perimeter:  185 Km
Maximun lenght: 46 km (from Gera Lario to Como)
Maximun width: 4,3 km (between Riva and Fiumelatte)
Maximun depth:  410 m (between Argegno and Nesso)

Lake Como in geography

Origin: glacial
3° largest lake in Italy
after Lake garda and Lake Maggiore
Affluents: about 40, the most important: Adda e Mera
Emissary: Adda
Isle: Comacina
Surrounded mountains: the Pre-Alps Orobie
Region: Lombardy