Lecco between lake Como and mountains Orobie

This is Lecco: at first glance Lecco embodies the unique natural beauties of the world. Lecco is a cultural landmark. If at first glance Lecco is not revealing much to the visitor, its centuries-old history of great successes in industrial and commercial fields reveals more hidden features tied to its manufacturing heritage of the iron wire and silk thread, evoking sensations and feelings related to the famous love story of Renzo and Lucia we read in The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni.

Lecco is a treasure chest of history: from the Duchy of Milan with the Visconti family, to the Spanish and Austrian domination. Every age has brought with it construction and destruction today we can still admire in excellent condition the medieval tower in Piazza XX Settembre, known as the Torre Viscontea, and a stretch of the city walls, the so-called vallo delle mura.

Lecco’s historic center lies on the shore of the lake, with its nineteenth-century style architectures, such as the  arches  of  Piazza XX Settembre  also visible in some other buildings. Typical expression of the neoclassical style is the Teatro della Società (Theatre of Society)  in Piazza Garibaldi, designed by the local architect Giuseppe Bovara.   The center offers a unique shopping experience with many fashion shops.  Overlooking the lake is Piazza Cermenati with the view of  the Basilica dedicated to the Saint patron of Lecco, St. Nicholas (Basilica di San Nicolò).  Another important  square is dedicated to Alessandro Manzoni, the poet who has made Lecco well known in the world for the emotional suggestions of its masterpiece The Betrothed.