Lecco: geographic heart among Como, Bergamo, Sondrio and Milan

Lecco is in a favorite place both geographically and logistically. Lecco welcomes you with a marvelous nature frame: the fresh waters of Lake Como with its temperate climate, a lush nature and the beautiful mountains, the Pre-Alps Orobie with its natural mountain paths, excursions and trekking itineraries and iron roads for climbing lovers.

Lecco is rich of charm and culture: a territory to discover and experience thanks to its favorable position, quite in the middle among the other Lombardy’s provinces. You can easily reach Lecco by train or by car from Milan, Bergamo, Como and Sondrio.

Lecco’s territory welcomes you with its breath-taking landscapes where lake and mountains perfectly join together and invite you to taste the local food and wines.

A lot of opportunitiesz to experience and taste Lecco’s territory. We are waiting for you! You won’t regret!

Just a few miles from Lecco there is a land and places to discover and experience. Come, we welcome you!


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