Beaches and lidos on Lake Como

Experience lake Como on its beaches and lidos. Water sports and relax.

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Beach Lido Parco Chiesa Rotta : 45.903125, 9.330573
Beach Abbadia Lariana Parco Guzzi: 45.895039, 9.332966
Orsa Maggiore Lido: 45.877126, 9.373223
Beach Lido Mandello del Lario: 45.914106, 9.313798
Vercurago Beach: 45.814152, 9.420865
Dervio Beach: 46.069638, 9.304379
Riva Bianca Beach: 45.966287, 9.302544
Pradello Beach: 45.879721, 9.369641
Oliveto Lario Beach: 45.914323, 9.293246
Colico Lido: 46.135828, 9.363017
Bellano Lido: 46.041201, 9.298775
Onno Beach: 45.909288, 9.296356
Colico beach: 46.142385, 9.373816
Piona Beach: 46.124578, 9.346222

Summertime: desire to plunge into water and enjoy the sun completely relaxed immersed in an extraordinary natural environment with marvelous views.
What else if not Lake Como and its surrounding range of the mountains Orobie?
There are many free beaches and lidos our lake offers to spend your summertime.
And if you like to practice water sports you are just spoilt  by choices!

Lake Lecco and its shores are waiting for you. Discover and experience it. You’ll have fun!

Wide sandy beach in Sorico on lake Como near the nature reserve Pian di Spagna. Ideal for lovers of water sports and for relaxation.

Colico beach on lake Como: a wide and great beach with stunning views on the Alps, perfect to practice kite surf. It’s great for families with children.

Pradello beach in Lecco is the easy way to experience Lake Como during summer just few minutes far from the town. Kids area and pebbles beach.

Bau Bau beach Malpensata in Olivedo of Varenna is the unique beach for dogs on lake Como. Easy to get with parking areas.

Riva Bianca beach in Lierna, near the ancient district of Castello, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Lake Como thanks to unique landscapes.

Beach Lido Parco Chiesa Rotta is north of Abbadia Lariana near the port, on the eastern shore of Lake Como. Green area for kids and pebbles beach.

Vercurago beach is on the shore of Lake Garlate and near the new cycle pedestrian path linking Lecco to Garlate, Olginate, Calolziocorte and Vercurago.

Mandello del Lario on the eastern shore of Lake Como hosts a beautiful lido with wide beach and green area.

Onno beach on the west side of Lake Lecco offers a wild nature. Beach kissed by the sun since early morning. Easy to reach along the road to Bellagio.

Abbadia Lariana beach, on the eastern branch of Lake Como, is a marvelous beach of white pebbles.