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Lecco: 45.855644, 9.393219
Varenna: 46.009815, 9.284139
Vercurago: 45.811232, 9.424281
Parlasco: 46.018486, 9.344041
Canzo: 45.850025, 9.273448
Montevecchia: 45.705340, 9.381552
Bellagio: 45.985549, 9.262279
Bellano: 46.041038, 9.302205
Mandello del Lario: 45.913870, 9.317739
Abbadia Lariana: 45.894898, 9.336342
Esino Lario: 45.994227, 9.332822
Crespi d\'Adda (BG): 45.596548, 9.535391
Corenno Plinio: 46.089965, 9.310926
Dervio: 46.076323, 9.307461
Malgrate: 45.852551, 9.374625
Colico: 46.134824, 9.372711
Lierna - : 45.959168, 9.301668
Consonno: 45.783512, 9.392410
Trezzo sull’Adda (MI): 45.610597, 9.515684
Rezzonico: 46.071236, 9.278705
Premana - : 46.051314, 9.423008

The most enchanting towns and villages on Lake Como

Discover the many coastal towns and villages on Lake Como. You can easily get them by car or train, or directly by ferry boat or renting a boat by yourself.
Give yourself a wonderful stay in Lake Como area, exploring the marvelous landscapes and natural beauties it offers you.
You have really a lot of opportunities and many different things to see and do, according your liking.
Discover a world of history, architecture, nature and art. Experience slow tourism,  riding a bike on the many cycle routes or hiking on the many trails and paths Lake Como area hosts.
So… are you ready to come and visit our wonderful land? You won’t regret it!

Varenna Lake Como: tourism in the enchanting fishermen village. Get a stroll on the love promenade, visit its villas and the Castle of Vezio.

What to see and do in Gravedona? Many places of interest in this upper area of lake Como: churches, Gallio palace, hiking along the via regia and mountains.

Premana, the last hamlet of Valsassina, worldwide famous for its scissors cluster. Culture and traditions tied to iron manufacturing.

Rezzonico is a small village overlooking Lake Como. Close to the famous lake town of Menaggio, Rezzonico is ideal for slow tourism lovers.

Lierna on lake Como is a small town rich of history and a church whose origin is in the Ancient Rome. In Lierna you can take the wayfarer’s trail.

Colico, the northern town in Lecco province. Located on lake Como, Colico offers historical, cultural and nature sites to be discovered. Great beaches.

Malgrate overlooks the eastern branch of Lake Como and it is placed in front of Lecco. You can breathe an European atmosphere walking along the lake promenade.

The medieval castle, the church dedicated to St. Thomas of Canterbury, but especially the charm of a small medieval hamlet where you can breathe the history of the past, here you are: Corenno Pliny.

Dervio is the ideal destination to experience Lake Lecco: beaches, sailing, surfing, kite surfing, lots of park and picnic areas. Wayfarer’s path (sentiero del viandante) and Monte Legnone.

Just in the middle of lake Como here you are Bellagio: the pearl of the lake.

From Celts to Visconti, passing by Queen Teodolinda and Barbarossa. Here you are in Trezzo: history, culture and an impressive hydropower plant.

San Gerolamo and l’Innominato (the Unnamed) in Somasca of Vercurago, without forgetting the lake promenade with a new cycle path.

Watchtowers, silk museum and beaches here you are in Abbadia Lariana.

A splendid promenade and the ravine in the historic center where discover patrician and bourgeois residences: here you are in Bellano.

Hiking and nature trails allowing you to breathe and live the spirit of the forest and discover the Natural Reserve of Sasso Malascarpa. Here you are Canzo.

Between lake and mountains here you are Esino Lario: the pearl of the Grigne.

On the eastern shores of Lake Como Mandello is a lovely place with a strong industrial vocation.

A small town in Valsassina, Moggio is a popular tourist destination both in summer and winter .

A small village with three pyramid shaped hills and lots of vineyards with its wines Terre Lariane IGT: welcome to Montevecchia.

Myth and reality in a smallvillage in Valsassina, few minutes far from Lecco. Parlasco and the story of its bandit Lasco.