Villas and palaces around Lake Como

Architectural jewels and breathtaking gardens and parks, loved by nobles and European literates.

On the shores of Lake Como you can admire and visit many villas, where several well-known literates spent their time thanks to its favorable temperate climate and to the unequal beauty of its lake and the mountains range of Pre-Alps Orobie.
You can admire a lot of historic villas, palaces with their spectacular gardens and parks.

Villa del Balbianello, one of the most enchanting villa on Lake Como. On the promontory of Lenno, Tremezzina, Villa Balbianello is worth a visit.

Visit Villa Monastero in Varenna on the eastern branch of Lake Como. Discover times, tickets to visit gardens and museum. Possible to join Villa Cipressi.

Villa Cipressi in Varenna: cypresses-line, terraces rich of flowers and botanic species in its gardens. Hotel and conference center.

Discover Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio. Visit its stunning park and gardens accompanied by a guide. Enjoy wonderful views of lake Como.

Villa Melzi in Bellagio welcomes you with its marvelous and colorful garden.

A beautiful walking in the lush botanic garden and inside prestigious artworks.

The Royal Villa of Monza was built at the wish of the Empress Maria Teresa of Austria and hosts Villa Reale and the largest enclosed park of Europe. The Royal Villa’s park is public, free entrance. It hosts the Formula 1 Gran Prix.

Summer residence and inspiration source for Manzoni to write The Betrothed. Villa Manzoni now is a house museum.

Belgiojoso Palace in Lecco: a museum center hosting history, nature, archeology, just few minutes far from Lecco downtown on foot.

Theatre of Society in Lecco: Neoclassic style by its local architect Giuseppe Bovara and marvelous stuccoes inside. Great bill every year.

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