Let's discover Brianza

We can call Brianza the land of lakes, in fact in this area among Lecco, Como and the northern part of Milan we find the largest number of lakes in Lombardy, the so-called Lakes Briantei.
Brianza area has no specific political boundaries, but encompasses a geographic area that includes the provinces of Lecco, Como, Monza and Brianza. We can take as natural boundaries: the pre-Alpine valleys to the north, from Valle San Martino to the western valleys of the lariano triangle where the Lambro and Seveso rivers born, the Adda river to the east and canale Villoresi to the south .
Brianza is a very interesting land under several point of views: natural, historical, cultural, religious, food and wine.
Discover and enjoy Brianza!

What to see in Brianza

Leonardo Da Vinci and his eco-friendly ferry-boat in Imbersago on the Adda River.

A small village with three pyramid shaped hills and lots of vineyards with its wines Terre Lariane IGT: welcome to Montevecchia.

The Northern Adda Park, from Lecco to Rivolta d’Adda, is a natural and industrial archeology heritage on Leonardo da Vinci’s traces.

The Royal Villa of Monza was built at the wish of the Empress Maria Teresa of Austria and hosts Villa Reale and the largest enclosed park of Europe. The Royal Villa’s park is public, free entrance. It hosts the Formula 1 Gran Prix.

Discover the Rossini Art Site park in Briosco. Art, architecture, wide garden, a small lake and animal where you can enjoy time with your kids and family.

The shrine dedicated to Virgin Mary’s devotion was promoted to basilica by Pope John XXIII.

At the end of the 19th century the Bertini plant in Cornate d’Adda revolutionized the Milanese trams replacing horses with hydropower.

A quirk round shape characterizes the smallest of lakes Briantei: lake Montorfano in Como.

Discovering Brianza in Video

Video by koy Loris A