Let's discover Valsassina

Valsassina is a green valley in the province of Lecco, placed among the mountain range of the Grigne to the west, the Pre-Alps Orobie of Bergamo’s province to the east, and  Valtellina to the north.
It’s easy to get there from Lecco and Milan: Valsassina is a green oasis just a few minutes far from the city. A destination for tourists to sojourn in holidays or even to spend weekends or single days outdoors.
Between sky and earth Valsassina is synonymous with flower meadows, cliffs and waterfalls, paths that lead your eyes towards the horizon with stunning views on lake Como and the nearby valleys. Interested by the regional park of the northern Grigna this valley also offers natural treasures, historical and artistic.
Valsassina is a land to discover and explore!

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What to see in Valsassina

You cannot get bored at Pian dei Resinelli: relaxation, walking, excursions and climbing. A wide range of opportunities just half an hour from Lecco.

Departure: Barzio
Type: cycle-pedestrian
Distance: 13 Km
Difficulty: easy

Departure: Cassina Valsassina
Time: 02:20
Altitude: 1656 m
Difference in altitude: 553 m
Difficulty: E

Departure: Piani dei Resinelli
Time: 2:00
Altitude: 2184 m
Difference in altitude: 877 m
Difficulty: E

Departure: Introbio
Time: 00:15
Altitude: 723 m
Difference in altitude: 120 m
Difficulty level: E

A small town in Valsassina, Moggio is a popular tourist destination both in summer and winter .

Myth and reality in a smallvillage in Valsassina, few minutes far from Lecco. Parlasco and the story of its bandit Lasco.

Skiing in Valsassina