Grignetta Cresta Cermenati (2184 m)

Cresta Cermenati is the easiest way to reach the peak of the Southern Grigna, well-known as Grignetta, the queen mountain of Lecco. Great views on Lake Como.


Departure: Piani dei Resinelli – Lecco Arrival: Vetta Grigna meridionale

Itinerary description

Souther Grigna (2184 m), well-known as Grignetta, offers many paths among which the easiest to reach its peak is Cresta Cermenati.

Get to Piani Resinelli, where a large park welcome you. If you like, you can go on with your vehicle following signals to Rifugio Porta, even if the natural parking area is small there.
From here you take the path reaching firstly Rifugio Porta, pass it on the right and follow signal n. 7 Cresta Cermenati.
Walk into the beeches wood and soon as you are out you find many signs to reach Grignetta.
Go straight on along path n.7. The first part is steep and there is a chain, then you continue walking among small rocks.
Pass over the junction with Cresta Sinigallia (mark) to reach Caimi gully. Here you can breathe cause the path’s slope is less steep, but don’t deceive yourself cause the path becomes climbing. But our destination is close.
Along the way you see Cecilia path where you can admire the wonderful natural aspect of Grignetta: its crags and calcareous faces, where the local and worldwide famous mountaineers moved their first climbing steps: Riccardo Cassin, Walter Bonatti and Carlo Mauri.
The last part of the path needs the help of a chain to raise the gully, but at the end we arrive to the peak of the queen mountain of Lecco.
Here you can enjoy spectacular views on Lake Como, Lakes Briantei and the surrounded Pre-Alps Orobie to the Alps.

  • Grigna meridionale (2184 m)
  • Path N.7
  • E - Escursionistico
  • 2 h
  • Altitude 2184 m
  • Difference in altitude 877 m
  • Carlo Porta Refuge
  • Bivacco Ferrario
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Grignetta - Cresta Cermenati 45.914497, 9.393740 (Directions)