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Planetarium: 45.859610, 9.398053
Belgiojoso Palace: 45.859470, 9.397634
Palace of Fears: 45.855401, 9.389220
Park Centre and Archeological Museum of Barro : 45.830892, 9.371789
Moto Guzzi Museum: 45.915538, 9.323157
Alta Brianza Ethnographic Museum: 45.825338, 9.368972
Ornithological and natural science museum: 46.009739, 9.284568
Archaeological Museum: 45.859537, 9.397675
Monti Silk Museum: 45.900106, 9.332352
Abegg Silk Museum: 45.806529, 9.403615
Grigne Museum: 45.995874, 9.332164
Bertini hydroelectric plant: 45.665309, 9.484849
Taccani hydroelectric plant: 45.612529, 9.521091
Leonardo da Vinci’s ferry-boat: 45.707675, 9.456247
Osservatorio dell\'Alpinismo Lecchese -: 45.855325, 9.389352

Map of the museums and galleries in Lecco

Belgiojoso Palace hosts the nature of Lecco’s territory and the scientific culture of the 19th century.

Local and International contemporary art at the Palace of Fears in Lecco, hosting a section of photography and graphics too.

Lecco Mountaineering Observatory is a modern and interactive museum to discover the history and the men who made great Lecco mountaineering traditions.

At the end of the 19th century the Bertini plant in Cornate d’Adda revolutionized the Milanese trams replacing horses with hydropower.

Taccani hydroelectric plant mirrors its majestic into the Adda river in Trezzo providing power to the Crespi d’Adda cotton mill.

The “Scanagatta” civic museum in Varenna is a great ornithological collection of the Lake Como area.

The Planetarium of Lecco is placed at Palace Belgiojoso and represents one of the best structure of its kind in all Italy.

At Belgioso Palace an innovative museum to discover the origin of Lecco.

Villa Manzoni in Lecco hosts a collection of paintings and engravings dated back to the 18th up to 20th century.

Original furnishings, object and manuscripts of Alessandro Manzoni. The Quarantana, the leading edition of The Betrothed.

An innovative museum to discover the origin of Lecco and its territory. A lots of curiosities so close to us but with a old-century history.

From mulberry to silkworm and then the fine silk thread. Here you are Abegg Silk Museum in Garlate.

Nature, archeology and history to discover at the museum of the Regional Park of Monte Barro in Galbiate.

Alta Brianza Ethnographic Museum (MEAB) in the Monte Barro Regional Park shows you the daily lifestyle of the working class in Lecco in ‘800 and ‘900.

Territory’s evolution in Esino Lario: minerals from Alps and Pre-Alps area, fossils from the Triassic and ethnographic objects.

The golden thread: the silk thread. Abbadia Lariana hosts a museum rich of history.

Its logo with the Eagle represents a worldwide symbol of Moto Guzzi, loved throughout the world.